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Good luck to #GilasPilipinas, the Philippine national basketball team (ranked 34th in the FIBA world rankings) that will be up against FIBA World Rank No. 3 Argentina, No. 5 Greece, No. 16 Croatia, No. 17 Puerto Rico, and No. 41 Senegal in the FIBA Basketball World Cup in Spain in the coming days. Kaya kaha nya?

Taipei World Financial Center or a.k.a. “Taipei 101” when โ€˜twas still under construction pa back in November 2002, which was also what I saw pa in my previous visit to Taiwan more than a decade ago. Looking forward seeing it again as a completed structure (well of course by now humana na tu; it’s been a decade since na gud) later this year. See you & the rest of Taiwan soon! :)

For the meantime, diri sah ka (and on Twitter, minutes after this Tumblr blog post). Hahahahaaayy what am I doing at this point of my life hahaha dmd hahaha samoka hahaha I can’t even hahaha ambot oy hahaha XD #MakeUpTransformation

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