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Entering in the ‘twilight’ years & considerably [now] part of my last ‘hurrahs’ in my college life, I never thought na I’d push through joining CEC when I found things kinda late & me sorta too old for it, but…well, here I am, garnering a position in a governing student body. And oh yeah, one more thing:

Maximus Facere Minima - a Latin phrase I first encountered back in First Year High School, introduced by my then class adviser who now dwells in ADMU (if ever you’re reading this Fr., then Hi! Haha haven’t forgotten it at all). It means “to do great even in small things”, and in so doing shall I embody such phrase in the small yet siginificant/crucial aspects of the Engineering council & make the most of my probable short na tenure. May you also do your best even when things are of minor matters. USC-CEC Councilor (Information Committee) at yo’ service!

USC-CEC: “Where Leadership Exists, Excellence Persists.”

Days 065-070: Busy week up ahead for me academic-wise, student org-wise, and may humabol pang weather-wise (ugh samoka bagyoha), but of course kakayanin! Go go go! Aja! 加油! ✊ #schoolworks #EnggKickOffWeek #events #typhoon #Rammasun #GlendaPH #CE #USCCEC #PAGASA #loadedweek #busy #productive #100HappyDaysChallenge #100happydays #obligadongmaghappydays

Day 050: πŸ‘­πŸ‘«πŸ‘¬. This is something that I should have done at an earlier time unta in my college years, pero good thing I “made apas” to join this governing student body. Better ma.late kaysa never, di ba? So I will make the most of my probable short na tenure. #induction #BunzelBuildingLobby #CEC #USC #100HappyDaysChallenge #100happydays #obligadongmaghappydays

photo c/o Angelo Nico Daroy (posted via USC’s school publication, Today’s Carolinian) (at USC Bunzel Bldg.)

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