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I’ve longed for greatness in my college life - joining PICE, attempting to be among the contributors of a school paper (The Carolinian and Today’s Carolinian), and even joining a basketball varsity team at one point - all of which I turned down on them, opportunities that I’ve wasted upon. Then there’s USC-CEC, a decision I for so long had delayed myself which I eventually pushed through with it at a latter time in my college years. It has been, so far, an awesome opportunity - contributing to USC’s Eng’g Council in the fields of digital resources, advertising, live feed/updates, and social media - items in my Bucket list that I’d thought na they would remain unchecked jud by the time I graduate and leave the premises of TC. Pero here I am, proudly posing behind what seems to be “Pride Rock” of The Lion King movie during the outdoor photoshoot namo (haha..LOL). It’s nice that ni.apas ko’g ing-ani, as I strive to improve on certain things about myself which the Council has helped to remolding my character. Padayon sa serbisyo as I make the most of my what is likely to be a short tenure nako.

Good luck to #GilasPilipinas, the Philippine national basketball team (ranked 34th in the FIBA world rankings) that will be up against FIBA World Rank No. 3 Argentina, No. 5 Greece, No. 16 Croatia, No. 17 Puerto Rico, and No. 41 Senegal in the FIBA Basketball World Cup in Spain in the coming days. Kaya kaha nya?

Taipei World Financial Center or a.k.a. “Taipei 101” when ‘twas still under construction pa back in November 2002, which was also what I saw pa in my previous visit to Taiwan more than a decade ago. Looking forward seeing it again as a completed structure (well of course by now humana na tu; it’s been a decade since na gud) later this year. See you & the rest of Taiwan soon! :)

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